What are type III polyketide synthases?
Type III polyketide synthases are a family of proteins that produce a large class of secondary metabolites, including chalcone and stilbene which possess antibiotic, antifungal, antitumor and immunosuppressive activities.

Why need of PKSIIIpred ?
This will help the researchers to easily identify the probability of a given protein being a type III polyketide synthase or not. Here we used amino acid composition to classify proteins.

How to use PKSIIIpred?
It is very easy to use PKSIIIpred. In the query give the protein sequence in fasta format and click the submit button. Based on the score it will predict the protein.

What are SVMs?
The support vector machine (SVM) is a machine learning method developed by Vapnik et al., which has been used for many kinds of pattern recognition problems. In the given work, SVM has been implemented by using SVMlight package. For further information refer http://svmlight.joachims.org/

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